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Our story began in 2002 with a vision of what the future could look like in packaging. We had a sense of purpose to create a better and more efficient way of working with the main focus being sustainability. This shapes the way we see, perceive and interact with packaging.
Now operating out of 19 sites across the UK with a varied and wide range of products, Reflex create “Shelf Presence” for our client’s consumer products all the way from brand conception design to the final pack on shelf.
One of the largest and fastest growing companies of its kind in the UK and with an International customer base, Reflex serves a broad range of highly recognised brands across a wide variety of customer sectors.
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Who Are We

Our mission is to build on our history of product excellence and technology innovation, to provide the highest quality labels in Britain. Future proofing investments and involving customers in innovations creates an environment that stimulates a culture of entrepreneurship. Reflex– the place where customers are involved in the innovation process whilst satisfying and refreshing their portfolios of products and services – the place where everyone can learn which products and services will excel.

Ethics & Environment

Reflex has four elments of sustainability; environmental responsibilty, vitality of innovation, social well-being and economic health.


Reflex’s high standards and commitment to the environment are recognised by certifications and awards.

Artwork & Colour

These operations support Reflex’s agility in rapidly responding to the market and keep Reflex’s customers supplied first in the market everytime.